Entrepreneurial support for young innovators: Ukrainian Future's professional development program has concluded
Over the course of 5 weeks, 48 participants of the program "Youth Startups: Development and Support Tools" attended a series of trainings aimed at providing educators with effective tools for working with youth startups. The trainings covered various topics, including creating a startup business model, marketing, finance, law, leadership, design...
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Ukrainian startup has produced an unmanned complex for demining fields
The complex includes a drone, a demining robot, an autopilot, and a towed tractor system capable of withstanding an explosion. The system works autonomously, if necessary it allows you to control the vehicle from a safe distance without a risk, so human involvement and, accordingly, the risks to the lives...
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We are recruiting for the advanced training program!
The program "Youth startups: development and support tools" aims to develop the Ukrainian ecosystem for supporting youth innovations. It is intended for those who work with young inventors and believes that the basis of the recovery of the Ukrainian economy is the comprehensive support of innovations and the creation of...
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Resident Ukrainian Future "Harmix" raises $500,000 in investments
The funds received from Canadian investors will be used by the team to launch an iOS application and a B2B platform for professionals such as producers, directors, and sound engineers. Harmix is an artificial intelligence-based service that automatically matches music to videos. Its CEO, Nazar Ponochevnyi, started at the Junior Academy...
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Participants of UF Startup School Beginner presented their projects at the Crash Test
Despite the massive Russian shelling on December 29th and the resulting power outages and communication disruptions in many regions of Ukraine, the majority of program participants were able to join online for the final pitch and successfully present their innovative projects to a professional jury. Most of the attendees of the...
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Mikko-Pekka Hanski has joined the Advisory Board of Ukrainian Future
Mikko-Pekka Hanski is the Chairman of one of the most famous unemployment funds in Finland, Yleinen työttommöyskassa YTK, Board member and Advisor of Hanskis Maskin Service Oy, a family company that creates new worlds, develops concepts and invests in ideas and people. And also the founder of Ministry of Good...
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How a mentorship program can help a startup: CEO Knopka on Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine
Product certification in Europe, developed marketing strategy for the Nordic countries, new contacts, new markets and eventually, possibly new investments. Ivan Osadchyy, CEO of the startup Knopka, which offers a patient care automation system for hospital beds, talked about the open perspectives and real steps of his startup, which became...
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Stephanie Marrus joined the Advisory Board of the Ukrainian Future Incubator
Stephanie K. Marrus is Managing Director, Entrepreneurship, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), the leading science and medical graduate university in the US and sister school to UC Berkeley. She is a Silicon Valley life science/healthcare startup expert and has helped start numerous companies based on UCSF technology.  A key node...
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Finalists of "InventorUA" awarded Ukrainian Future Certificates
29 participants of the All-Ukrainian competition for youth scientific and technical projects "InventorUA" will have the right to automatic admission to the pre-incubation program UF Startup School Beginner 2022 and start working on implementing their projects in the form of startups. UF Startup School Beginner 2022 by Ukrainian Future, the business...
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UF Startup School Beginner 2022 Enrollment Begins
Everyone with a business idea and a plan to develop it as a startup can join the pre-incubation program by Ukrainian Future, the business incubator of the Young Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. UF Startup School Beginner is designed for participants aged 15 and above who seek to evaluate their...
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Startup World Cup: why should you go there?
This year, Ukraine was officially represented for the first time at the global pitching competition in the USA, where startups-finalists of regional selections from 60+ countries of the world traditionally compete once a year for $1,000,000 of investments. Since the Grand Final of the competition was not held in Silicon...
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Ukrainian Future’s resident became the best student in the world, according to the Global Student Prize
Ihor Klymenko will receive a $100,000 scholarship as the student who makes the greatest real impact on education, the lives of his peers and society in general. Igor is 17 years old, he is studying at the Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and at the University...
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Startup MANNA will represent Ukraine at the competition in Silicon Valley
MANNA - an interactive media platform for creating original 3D animated content, streaming, and social interaction in a VR environment - became the winner of the Startup World Cup Ukraine 2022. The startup has been selected to represent Ukraine at the Grand Final of the competition in the USA.  With the...
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15 Ukrainian startups will be able to study in US business incubators
Such an opportunity is offered to innovators by the US State Department's Global Innovation Through Science and Technology (GIST) Program. As part of the "U.S. Business Incubation: Ukraine" Ukrainian startups will be able to commercialize their scientific and technical solutions and bring them to the market. Selected projects will also...
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We are excited to introduce you finalists of Startup World Cup Ukraine 2022
Jury members of the Startup World Cup global competition decided on the list of winners of the Ukrainian regional selection! On July 22, startup teams will compete online for a trip to Silicon Valley and a chance to win $1,000,000: SOLAR PLEX. A retrofit solar panel technology that allows photovoltaic panels...
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28 finalists of the All-Ukrainian Competition-Defense of JASU have been awarded Ukrainian Future Certificate
The competition commission of the business incubator has selected 28 research works whose authors will receive Certificates to participate in programs on innovation project management. Depending on the readiness level of the work and the presence of a minimum viable product (MVP), the finalists of the All-Ukrainian Competition-Defense will have...
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Trip to Silicon Valley and a chance to win $1,000,000: Registration for the regional selection of the Startup World Cup is now open
  Ukrainian Future, the business incubator of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the official representative of the global Startup World Cup competition in Ukraine, has announced the recruitment of teams for the regional pitching stage of the startup competition, with the final taking place in Silicon Valley and...
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4 Ukrainian startups shared grant of over € 55,000 from a Ukrainian-Finnish program
The winners of the final pitch of the Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine program will receive funding and services from leading international and Finnish companies. The pitching was preceded by 2.5 weeks of mentoring sessions from business leaders from Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine. 14 teams participated in them. They also competed...
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Ukrainian Future and Partners from Finland will support Ukrainian startups
Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine. A pitching competition and mentoring program from business leaders from Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine will start soon. The winner will receive a grant as well as products and services to accelerate the growth of the startup from the Finnish project partners. Startups with Ukrainian background are invited...
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On February 2, the advanced training programme "Youth Startups: development and support tools" starts
The "Youth Startups: development and support Tools" programme of the JASU Ukrainian Future Business Incubator is a series of training sessions, case studies, networking, and open discussion on effective tools to support youth startups with European experts and national coaches that will help with:  building of the Ukrainian ecosystem to support...
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