4 Ukrainian startups shared grant of over € 55,000 from a Ukrainian-Finnish program

The winners of the final pitch of the Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine program will receive funding and services from leading international and Finnish companies. The pitching was preceded by 2.5 weeks of mentoring sessions from business leaders from Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine. 14 teams participated in them. They also competed for a grant from the Ukrainian-Finnish program to support Ukrainian startups, organized by Ukrainian Future, a business incubator of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The jury recognized 2 startups as the ones that best match the general selection criteria of the program - the ability to establish the products that will help Ukraine during the war and post-war reconstruction in the shortest possible time. Another 2 youth teams received a scholarship to refine and launch their technologies.

The main prize of the pitch goes to the startup Knopka - a system of automation of patient care for hospital beds. Startup will recieve:

  •  € 10,000 grant from the general partner of the project - the consulting company Greenstep;
  • € 7,500 for services from the venture company Liquido.vc (preparation for pre-seed and seed rounds of funding, strategy planning, advisory groups, branding, and startup ecosystem);
  • € 7,500 for services from the consulting company Miltton (consultations on business strategy, brand, design, crisis communications, marketing and PR, international analysis, and market forecasting);
  • € 5,000 for services from the law firm Lexia (legal consulting, in particular in the fields of ICT, Tech, Startups & Growth Companies).
  • Credits from Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Ukraine - Microsoft Azure.

Elai.io - a web service that uses AI to quickly generate video presentations with a virtual speaker, based on the text - got second place. The team receives a special prize from the Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine program:

  • € 5,000 for services from Greenstep;
  • seminar with Liquido.vc and Lexia to prepare for the pitching round (cost of services € 5,000);
  • Credits from Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Ukraine - Microsoft Azure.

Quadcopter mines detector (quadcopter minesweeper for remote detection of explosive objects with the determining of their exact coordinates) and WELDLESS WIND GENERATOR (light bladeless wind turbine as an alternative energy source) receive youth scholarships from the project's general partner, the Ministry of Good Spirit community. This is a grant of € 5,000 for each of these projects.

It should be noted, that during the final pitching, the two partner companies decided to increase the amount of previously announced free services by another € 2,500 each. Hence, instead of the over € 50,000 announced at the beginning of the program, the winning startups split the grant fund into over € 55,000!

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