Startup: why do innovators choose Poland?

Poland is one of the most dynamic startup ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year it’s strengthened by new ideas and innovators. Moreover, some of them, having business in Poland, live and work in other countries.

Why do startupers choose Poland?

Firstly, it’s a country with a European standard of living, wide opportunities to enter European markets and at the same time relatively low prices for the EU and a flexible tax system for young companies. So, starting and doing business here will be cheaper.

Secondly, the country has a high chance of attracting serious investment. There is a well-developed network of venture funds - both Polish and foreign. As of 2020, the Polish Association of Capital Investors (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Kapitałowych) had 45 ordinary members-representatives of venture capital fund management companies and 76 supporting members-consulting companies working for the benefit of the sector.

Thirdly, in addition to traditional government programs to support its own innovators, Poland has a number of separate programs for foreign startups. Among them Poland Prize, Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge etc.

Those who think about opening a startup in Poland should also consider the fact that from year to year it slowly but surely enters prestigious international rankings of innovation countries. In particular, this year Poland was ranked 27 among the best ecosystems in the world in the Global Startup Ranking 2020, and the Polish capital Warsaw rose to 61st place in the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystem Rankings. Also, according to the Doing Business ranking Poland occupies a 40th place, comfortable for entrepreneurs (out of 190).

How to open a startup in Poland?

One of the advantages of registering a business in Poland is the fact that it can be done online. The only condition for electronic registration is a Polish electronic digital signature or account in one of the public services (these are mainly banks). The electronic registration process takes about 14 days (more or less).

You can enter the Polish market with the help of business accelerators and incubators. In particular, UF Incubator is currently collaborating with the Polish - Ukrainian Startup Bridge project, Kielce Technology Park and Poznan Science and Technology Park. So, by joining UF Incubator programs you can take the first step towards integration into the business environment of the European Union!